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December 18, 2018


The Fifty-Fifth Annual Meeting of EFCU will be held April 13, 2019 at 9:00 AM. The location of the meeting will be in the 3 G Bar Theater located in the Western Folk Life Center, 501 Railroad Street, Elko, NV. Coffee, juice and donuts will be served.


Election of Directors will be by mail ballot in accordance with EFCU bylaws. There are three (3) Director Positions open for election in 2019. These positions are for three (3) year terms which will commence upon election to the Board.

The Nominating Committee consisting of Amanda Osborne, Chair, Bob Collyer and Tom Ballew, have nominated three individuals to run for election to the Board of Directors. The nominees have agreed to serve if elected. The nominees are:

Jan Baum – Jan was appointed to the EFCU Board in 2000. Jan has been a member of EFCU since 1996. Jan is the Chair of the EFCU Board. Jan is a CPA and lives and works in Elko.

Mark Wetmore – Mark was appointed to the Board in 2009. Mark has been a member of EFCU since 1988. Mark was raised in the Elko area and he resides in Spring Creek. Mark is a licensed contractor specializing in residential construction.

Mike Smales – Mike was appointed to the Board in 2003. Mike has been a member of EFCU since 1978. Mike is a lifelong resident of Elko and is the Elko County Recorder. Mike’s experience in computer systems and his knowledge of the area are assets to EFCU.

 No nominations will be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.


February 5, 2019

Lamoille canyon reseeding project

As part of its commitment to strengthening the community, Elko Federal Credit Union recently donated $5,000 to the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) in support of its Lamoille Canyon reseeding project. This initiative aims to rehabilitate and regrow the vegetation lost in last year’s devastating wildfires. The Owl Creek and Range Two fires burned approximately 10,000 acres in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and on private land.

“With government funding being minimal for projects like this,” explained Elko Federal Credit Union CEO John Kelly, “we knew we needed to step forward and help however we could. This land is deeply ingrained in the identity of our community, and being a part of restoring it and the wildlife there is very exciting.”

The NDOW is spreading seeds via helicopter throughout the affected area over the winter to get the seeds established before the spring thaw. “We’re looking forward to seeing a big transformation,” continued Kelly. “We know it won’t happen overnight, but we also know it’s something that will give immeasurably to our neighbors who love this land as much as we do.”